Human Capital Management Consulting


Much more than a handbook…HR Prime offers interim or fractional HR services from compliance to strategy. We can help with your known challenges and help you avoid issues on your horizon – seen or unseen. We specialize in smaller companies but work with mid-size firms on projects requiring outside expertise. Together we can help your company grow, prosper and thrive.

Every business needs a strategic plan to keep

its people and productivity moving in the right direction…UP!

  • Attracting – Build the best employment brand you can.  Keep it consistent and visible
  • Select – Select the top talent by using Behavioral Based interviewing and active reference checking
  • Culture-ize – Culturize every new hire so that they live, eat, and sleep your business – your culture gets into their DNA
  • Engage – Engage the entire workforce with advancement opportunities, learning/development and recognition
  • iNspire – Inspire them with sincere leadership and honest, open communication
  • Develop – Develop your people professionally and personally ALL THE TIME
  • Retain – Once you have top-performing talent, KEEP THEM!  

Simple?  Yes, but not easy, especially while you are running your business. That’s where we come in.