Business Management Consultant & People Productivity (HR) advisor to any CEO who relies on people/teams to get things done.


Unless you are a sole proprietor, or you utilize robots exclusively to accomplish your business, everything you want to do is predicated on having the right people working with you in the right way.

We can help.

Together we can help your company grow, prosper and thrive.

Every business needs a strategic plan to keep

its people and productivity moving in the right direction…UP!

  • Attracting – Build the best employment brand you can.  Keep it consistent and visible
  • Select – Select the top talent by using Behavioral Based interviewing and active reference checking
  • Culture-ize – Culturize every new hire so that they live, eat, and sleep your business – your culture gets into their DNA
  • Engage – Engage the entire workforce with advancement opportunities, learning/development and recognition
  • iNspire – Inspire them with sincere leadership and honest, open communication
  • Develop – Develop your people professionally and personally ALL THE TIME
  • Retain – Once you have top-performing talent, KEEP THEM!  

Simple?  Yes, but not easy, especially while you are running your business. That’s where we come in.